Maarjamäe History Centre


Maarjamäe Palace, a neo-Gothic 19th-century extravagance built by a wealthy Russian, anchors this excellent cultural-historical complex, run by the dispersed Estonian History Museum. The palace itself is now a museum; the former Stables are a smart exhibition space; the purpose-built Film Museum has a cinema and exhibits on the process of film-making; and the grounds are a Brobdingnagian reliquary of old Soviet monuments. You can visit everything, or just buy specific tickets (although everything is closely spaced and worthwhile).

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1. Maarjamäe Palace

0.05 MILES

The principal feature of the dispersed Estonian History Museum's Maarjamäe History Centre is the restored 19th-century Maarjamäe Palace, now a museum. An…

2. Film Museum

0.06 MILES

Opened in the grounds of Maarjamäe Palace in 2017, and with big plans for the future, this rust-red, semi-subterranean museum on the grounds of the…

3. Maarjamäe Stables

0.08 MILES

The 19th-century stable block of Maarjamäe Palace, one component of the Maarjamäe History Centre, has been re-created as an exhibition space, currently…

4. Maarjamäe War Memorial

0.26 MILES

Perched on the bluff next to Maarjamäe Palace, this large Soviet-era monument consists of an elegant bowed obelisk set amid a large crumbling concrete…

5. Tallinn Song Festival Grounds

0.61 MILES

This open-air amphitheatre is the site of Estonia’s quinquennial National Song Festival, assorted blockbuster rock concerts and other momentous events…

6. House of Peter I

1.19 MILES

This surprisingly modest cottage was where Peter the Great and Catherine I lived on their early-17th-century visits to Tallinn, while Kadriorg Palace was…

7. Presidential Palace


Echoing the style of Kadriorg Palace, this grand building was purpose-built in 1938 to serve as the official residence of the Estonian president. It's…

8. Kadriorg Art Museum

1.23 MILES

Kadriorg Palace, a baroque beauty built by Peter the Great between 1718 and 1736, houses a branch of the Art Museum of Estonia devoted to Dutch, German…