Tallinn Gate

Western Estonia & the Islands

The outline of the 17th-century, star-shaped Swedish ramparts that once surrounded old Pärnu can still be discerned on maps. The one remaining section and its moat, now Vallikäär Park, end at the Tallinn Gate, which once defended the main road to the river-ferry crossing and Tallinn road. There's a scale model of how the town would have looked when the ramparts were intact, just before the gate.

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1. St Catherine’s Orthodox Church

0.15 MILES

Built in 1768, this superb baroque church is named after Russian empress Catherine the Great, while also name-checking the early Christian martyr. If it's…

2. St Elizabeth’s Lutheran Church

0.19 MILES

Consecrated in 1750, this dignified, rust-coloured Lutheran church was named for Russian Empress Yelizaveta Petrovna, who gifted Pärnu's Lutherans 8000…

3. Town Hall


This 1797 neoclassical building now houses the tourist office and a small gallery space. Also note the half-timbered 'Citizen's Residence', dating from…

4. Museum of New Art

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Pärnu's former Communist Party headquarters now houses one of Estonia's edgiest cultural spaces, established in 1992 as the country's first museum of…

5. Pärnu Museum

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This museum covers 11,000 years of the Pärnu region's history, from prehistoric relics, right up to a reconstruction of a Soviet-era apartment. Pride of…

6. Pärnu Beach

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Pärnu’s long, broad, sandy beach – sprinkled with volleyball courts, pop-up bars, cafes and changing cubicles – is the city’s main draw in summer. A…

7. St Nicholas' Orthodox Church

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The islanders are among the minority of ethnic Estonians who adhere to the Russian Orthodox religion. This pretty little church at the centre of the…

8. Kihnu Museum

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You can learn more about Kihnu Jõnn (the locally famous skipper who sailed all the world's oceans) and the island's unique history and culture at this…