Monte Alen National Park

Rio Muni

Monte Alen is one of Central Africa's best-kept secrets, and reason enough to visit Equatorial Guinea. A protected area covering 2000 sq km, the park is an excellent place to experience the lush rain forests and wildlife of Rio Muni. In the interior are a series of lakes and waterfalls, with the landscape climbing to an elevation of 1200m. In the park it's possible to spot gorillas, chimpanzees, forest elephants, crocodiles and a whole range of other African animals, as well as myriad birds and insects.

Be aware that hiking in the park can be hot, slippery and strenuous and it's essential to have a guide, who can be found around the entrance. Take your own water and food supplies. Unfortunately the hotel and campsites established in the 1990s are no longer usable due to lack of funding.

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