This deep green house was prefabricated in Belgium in the early 19th century and has recently been restored. It is a prominent landmark and is highly regarded in Malabo. Word is that it will become a museum.

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1. Equatoguinean Cultural Centre


A bright yellow building on the main street, this centre is a lovely colonial building with large windows. It has a central atrium that serves as a…

2. Catedrál de Santa Isabel

0.11 MILES

On the west side of the Plaza de España, this gracious, apricot-hued building is the most beautiful in the country. The architect, Llairadó Luis Segarra,…

3. Malabo National Park

3.46 MILES

This new park is next door to the airport, and covers an area of 870,000 sq metres. The park offers restaurants, a sports area, activities for children, a…

4. Parque Nacional de Pico Basile

11.56 MILES

On a clear day you might be able to see the volcanic peak of Pico Basile, but clear days are rare. The park has dense rain forest and it's worth climbing…

5. Sagrada Familia Church

12.2 MILES

This small yellow church is in a picturesque location on a wooded hillside overlooking the sea in the village of Basakoto, south of Malabo. A tour of…

6. Luba Mirador

24.67 MILES

One of two signposted miradors (viewpoints) along the road that crosses Bioko Island, this one is high above Luba and has spectacular views across the…

7. Arena Blanca

25.56 MILES

Arena Blanca is a lovely beach close to Luba, with white sand. It is known for its clouds of breeding butterflies. You'll find the beach is cleaner the…

8. Moka Mirador

28.16 MILES

One of two signposted miradors (viewpoints) along the road across the island, this one is high above Moka and has spectacular views over the island and…