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Bioko Island

Bioko Island, rather curiously, sits off the coast of Cameroon rather than the mainland of Equatorial Guinea, and is home to the capital, Malabo. The northern third of the island, Bioko Norte, has a number of small villages along the coast but the further south you go towards Bioko Sur, the thicker the rainforest becomes and stately ceiba trees dot the landscape.

Surrounded by beautiful beaches with either black volcanic or white sands, Bioko has rainforests, woodland, savannah and one volcanic peak, Pico Basile (3012m), usually covered in cloud. While the capital can keep you occupied for a few days, it is worth exploring the southern regions of the island, easily visited on a day trip. Ureca in the far south is the jewel in the crown. Four types of turtles visit from November to February to lay their eggs on the beaches here, and the dense forest around the Luba Crater is home to the primates for which Equatorial Guinea is so well known.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Bioko Island.