Mangrove Channel

Ras Mohammed National Park

Green arrows lead to Ras Mohammed's Mangrove Channel, one of the most northerly mangrove forests in the world. Nearby, you can see huge cracks (one of the largest is 40m long) in the earth's surface, caused by ancient earthquakes. The beach of Hidden Bay is also nearby.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Ras Mohammed National Park attractions

1. Jolanda Bay

0.55 MILES

There's some excellent snorkelling at Jolanda Bay, which is reached by a track marked with red arrows.

2. Main Beach

0.67 MILES

Aptly named Main Beach gets crowded with day trippers from Sharm El Sheikh, but with its vertical coral walls just offshore, it remains one of the best…

3. Old Quay Beach

0.77 MILES

Old Quay Beach is perfect for snorkelling; it has a spectacular vertical reef teeming with fish just offshore.

4. Shark Observatory Clifftop

0.87 MILES

This clifftop area, near Main Beach, has views over the dive-site area known as the Shark Observatory. Despite the name, you would be very lucky to spot a…

5. Salt Lake

1.09 MILES

This stunningly aqua-blue salt lake is about 200m inland from Ras Mohammed's Mangrove Channel and is a popular swimming stop.

6. Jackfish Alley


A comparatively shallow site that is good for a second or third dive, Jackfish Alley has two enormous caves filled with shoaling glassfish. Depth: 6m to…

7. Aqaba Beach

1.61 MILES

A track (with brown arrows) leads to Aqaba Beach. Just offshore is the Eel Garden dive site, named after an eel colony 20m down.

8. Shark Observatory

2.27 MILES

This dive site, underneath the promontory of the same name, takes its name from the fact that whale sharks can occasionally be sighted while diving here…