Must-see attractions in Prague

  • Riding School


    The castle's former horse-riding school is used as a venue for temporary exhibitions on various subjects, from architectural history to modern art.

  • Tábor Gate


    The first of two main gates into the Vyšehrad complex when coming from the metro is a 17th-century archway marked with a lively, faux-Gothic top.

  • House of the Two Suns

    Malá Strana

    The Czech poet Jan Neruda (famous for his short stories, Tales of Malá Strana) lived at the House of the Two Suns from 1845 to 1857.

  • Lindt Building


    Designed by Ludvík Kysela in 1927, the Lindt Building is one of the Czech Republic’s earliest examples of functionalist architecture.

  • High Synagogue

    Staré Město

    The elegant 16th-century High Synagogue is so called because its prayer hall (closed to the public) is upstairs.

  • Church of St Ignatius


    Presiding over Chalres Square is this 1660s baroque tour de force, designed for the Jesuits by Carlo Lurago.

  • Wallenstein Riding School

    Malá Strana

    This former riding school now houses temporary art exhibitions staged by the National Gallery.

  • Dancing House


    The Dancing House was built in 1996 by architects Vlado Milunić and Frank Gehry. The curved lines of the narrow-waisted glass tower clutched against its…

  • Leopold Gate


    The baroque Leopold Gate marks the impressive entryway into the inner Vyšehrad complex. It was built in the mid-17th century to serve both a ceremonial…

  • Bretfeld Palace

    Malá Strana

    Built for aristocrat Josef of Bretfeld, this 1765 palace was once a social hotspot, entertaining famous guests such as Mozart and Casanova.

  • House of the Golden Horseshoe

    Malá Strana

    The House of the Golden Horseshoe is named after the relief of St Wenceslas above the doorway – his horse was said to be shod with gold.

  • Peak Gate


    Just beyond the Tabor Gate stand the remants of the original Gothic Peak Gate, which once served as the main entryway into the complex.

  • House at the Three Fiddles

    Malá Strana

    This Gothic building reconstructed in Renaissance style during the 17th century once belonged to a family of violin makers.

  • St John of Nepomuk House

    Malá Strana

    Built in 1566, the St John of Nepomuk house is adorned with the image of one of Bohemia’s patron saints.

  • Chapel of St Roch


    The 17th-century Chapel of St Roch is in the northwestern corner of Olšany Cemetery.

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