St Vladimír Church


The 1901 red-and-yellow brick St Vladimír Church is a plush, Byzantine–style Orthodox church with an amazing porcelain iconostasis.

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1. Fryderyk Chopin Memorial Museum

0.22 MILES

This small museum, next door to the tourist office, displays personal effects and information on the life of Polish-French composer Frédéric Chopin, who…

2. Singing Fountain

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The Singing Fountain sashays to coloured lights and recorded music – anything from Dvořák to Celine Dion – every two hours on the odd hour, with the last…

4. Colonnade


The cast-iron Colonnade, built in neo-baroque style in 1889, is the spa's visual centrepiece. Classical and brass-band concerts are performed here two or…

5. Municipal Museum

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The tiny Municipal Museum occupies the house where Goethe stayed during his last visit to Mariánské Lázně. The exhibits cover the visits of Goethe and…

6. Loket Castle

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The village's impressive castle was built on the site of an earlier Romanesque fort, of which the only surviving bits are the tall square tower, and…

7. Diana Lookout Tower

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This hilltop lookout tower affords fine views across Karlovy Vary and the surrounding forested hills, and is the starting point for waymarked hikes…

8. Moser Glass Museum

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The Moser Glass Museum on the western edge of town has more than 2000 items on display. Tours in English of the adjacent glassworks are also available…