Diana Lookout Tower

Karlovy Vary

This hilltop lookout tower affords fine views across Karlovy Vary and the surrounding forested hills, and is the starting point for waymarked hikes through the woods.

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Nearby Karlovy Vary attractions

1. Diana Funicular Railway

0.26 MILES

Just beside (to the north of) the Grandhotel Pupp, a narrow alley leads to the bottom station of the Diana Funicular Railway, which climbs 166m to great…

2. Karlovy Vary Museum

0.34 MILES

The Karlovy Vary Museum has extensive exhibits on the town's development as a spa resort, Czech glasswork and the region's natural history.

3. Church of Sts Peter & Paul

0.41 MILES

This impressive Orthodox Church, with five polished onion domes and art-nouveau exterior murals, was apparently modelled after a similar church near…

4. Hot Spring Colonnade

0.58 MILES

The Hot Spring Colonnade is in an incongruous concrete-and-glass functionalist structure built in 1975 and once dedicated to Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin…

5. Market Colonnade

0.58 MILES

The only one of the town's colonnades to be crafted from wood, this beautiful neoclassical structure dates from the 1880s and was the work of the fabled…

6. Church of Mary Magdalene


Karlovy Vary's most important Catholic church and one of its grandest baroque buildings, this imposing, twin-steepled structure in the heart of the spa…

7. Mill Colonnade

0.61 MILES

The most impressive piece of architecture in Karlovy Vary is the neo-Renaissance Mill Colonnade (built 1871–81), with five different springs, rooftop…

8. Park Colonnade

0.66 MILES

Also known as the Garden Colonnade, this elegant wrought-iron structure dates from 1880 and is the first of the main colonnades that you reach as you…