Museo Fernando García Grave de Peralta

Las Tunas Province

Lashed regularly by hurricanes, the municipal museum – when it's not being renovated – contains the usual round of fallen revolutionaries, stuffed animals and antiques. Look out for the antique record players.

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1. Fuerte de la Loma

0.63 MILES

This fort at the top of the sloping Av Libertad, also known as the Salcedo Castle, is testimony to Puerto Padre's former strategic importance. There's a…

2. Playa Caletones

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A lovely little beach 17km northwest of Gibara, this stretch of white sand and azure sea is a favorite of Holguín vacationers. The town is ramshackle,…

3. Plaza de la Revolución

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Las Tunas' Revolution Square is huge and bombastic, particularly for such a small city. Photo ops abound. Check out the huge Lenin-esque sculpture of…

4. Monumento a Alfabetización

27.98 MILES

The pencil-like Monumento a Alfabetización marks the act passed in Las Tunas on November 16, 1961, to stamp out illiteracy.

6. Mestizaje

28.31 MILES

A multifaced representation of Cuba’s mixed races in the Parque de la India near the bus station.

7. Statue of José Martí

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In the central hub of Plaza Martí an inventive bronze statue of the 'apostle of Cuban independence' by Rita Longa doubles as a solar clock. It was opened…