Cacique Maniabo y Jibacoa

Las Tunas

A two-headed Taíno chief looking in opposite directions. It dominates the surroundings at the rustic Motel El Cornito 3km west of town.

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Nearby Las Tunas attractions

1. El Cornito

0.13 MILES

The bamboo woods around Motel El Cornito, about 6km outside town, offer a welcome, shady diversion from the scorching city bustle. You'll find ranchón…

2. Monumento Al Trabajo

2.39 MILES

The 8m-high abstract Monumento Al Trabajo by José Peláez pays cubist homage to Cuban workers.

3. Museo Memorial Mártires de Barbados

2.61 MILES

Las Tunas' most evocative sight is in the former home of Carlos Leyva González, an Olympic fencer killed in the nation's worst terrorist atrocity: the…

4. La Fuente de las Antilles

2.67 MILES

This work, first unveiled in 1977, was elemental in reviving Cuba’s sculpturing traditions and making Las Tunas its HQ. The sculpture comprises a huge…

5. Memorial Vicente García

2.97 MILES

A colonial-era structure near the eponymous park that commemorates Las Tunas' great War of Independence hero who captured the town from the Spanish in…

8. Statue of José Martí

3.08 MILES

In the central hub of Plaza Martí an inventive bronze statue of the 'apostle of Cuban independence' by Rita Longa doubles as a solar clock. It was opened…