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However, with some attractive modernist architecture, a gorgeous riverside embankment perfect for taking in views of the Congo River and plenty of high-quality eating options, Brazzaville has a lot of charm and character, which makes it a surprisingly pleasant place to while away time between visiting Congo's national parks.

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$165 Cultural & Theme Tours

Picnic on the Congo River - Day Tour

Today you will be picked up from your accommodation in Brazzaville from your guide and you will transfer onto a pirogue (canoe).The tour is very flexible and can begin at almost any time, just let us know what time would work best for you. If you have special requests, we are more than open and happy to help, just ask!As you coast along the river, you'll notice quickly the incredible view of Kinshasa, Brazzaville's closest neighbor in the DRC that sits beautifully along the north side of the river. You'll also notice the abundance of ships on the river, villages, and also local fishermen as you journey further up the river. Here, you will experience farmers tilling alongside the river and simply experience their everyday life. Today you have the option of enjoying lunch right in the canoe on the Congo River, in the middle of the Malebo Pool, or at a nearby village that overlooks the river rapids, or you can coast to a private island to enjoy lunch in the sand. Each option offers a very unique and great experience that is sure to be remembered.**Barbecues are available on the weekends, while picnics on the Congo River are available on weekdays (which we cater.)***please alert us of any dietary considerations in advance of the tour.

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City Tour of Brazzaville - Culture & Landmarks

It is hard not to notice the monster city that lies on the opposite banks of the Congo River as Brazzaville, Kinshasa (DRC). In addition to the large cities on opposing sides, the majority of the river is bordered by lush, verdant, tropical, and dense rainforest. Today you will have a chance to explore a very tiny part of this incredible river that is home to hundreds of species of wildlife, many endemic and also unknown. Today we have gathered up the best of Brazzaville and compiled it into this one day tour for you!Today your guide will pick you up from your accommodation in Brazzaville at an agreed upon time. The tour time is very flexible and we can work around your schedule. Simply, let us know what time would work for you and we will do our best to accommodate.  If you have a special request, please let us know as we are more than happy to help and do our best to accommodate!Today, in no particular order, we will jump right in the Brazzaville and begin our tour of many famous sites including; the notorious Nabemba tower (can only be viewed from outside of the building), St. Anne Basilica, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza Memorial, Cultural and Historical Sites, etc.The tour today also dives into the more cultural side of the city. You will have a chance to experience some local artisans and their crafts today as we make our way through the craft market. Here, is a great opportunity to pick up some souvenirs or treats for yourself as the majority of them are handmade by a local. You will also have a unique experience on the Congo River today as you coast along it in a pirogue ( a canoe with a motor). Having the opportunity to witness and experience such a mighty force that is the Congo River is very rewarding. The pirogue will take you a little up the river where you might have a chance to see locals in their villages on the banks of the river. This evening you can opt to be dropped off at your accommodation in Brazzaville, or at a restaurant in the city that offers great views of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa. Brazzaville and Kinshasa are the only 2 capital cities in the world that face another capital city. We can suggest a restaurant for you this evening where you can enjoy a variety of both Western and local cuisines right next to the Congo River! END OF SERVICES

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Day Tour- Bela Falls Picnic & Village Visit

Exceeding over 150m in height, the falls offer a beautiful view of the Congo River and are a fine example of nature at its best. Bela Falls are situated amongst a small piece of the Democratic Republic of the Congo's pristine rainforest and although the noise from the crashing water can be heard from afar, the atmosphere is very peaceful and calming. Around 8am this morning, you will be scooped up from your hotel or accommodation in Brazzaville and will head out for Bela Falls. The drive today will be about 3.5 hours and offers beautiful scenery along the way and many great opportunities for photos. It is really amazing to see just how close such a major city like Brazzaville is to the most incredible aspect of nature, a tropical rainforest.As you arrive at the falls you're quickly taken aback by the environment. The serenity of the falls crashing into the water below is actually very calming and such a pleasure. Today we will enjoy a lovely picnic with the incredible falls as our backdrop. Once we have concluded our visit at the falls, you will drive to Boko Village, which is nearby. The village is famous for its agriculture, including food crops and fruit trees. Today you will be given a small village tour and the unique opportunity to interact with the villagers.From the village, we will begin the drive back to Brazzaville where you will be transferred straight to your accommodation or hotel. The tour will end at your hotel around 6pm this evening, dependent on traffic. 

$3450 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Lesio Louna Natural Reserve Gorillas - Bela Falls - 5 Day Tour From Brazzaville

With many success stories under there belt, there are also instances where a gorilla is unable to be reintegrated and in this case they reserve protects them. Sid is a gorilla that was unable to thrive in the wild and remains at the reserve. You will have a chance to meet him. From the reserve, you will experience the Bela Falls. The falls are located just south-west of the Brazzaville. Exceeding over 150m in height, the falls offer a beautiful view of the Congo River and are a fine example of nature at its best. Bela Falls are situated amongst a small piece of the Congo's pristine rainforest and although the noise from the crashing water can be heard from afar, the atmosphere is very peaceful and calming. DAY 1: Brazzaville City Tour: The tour begins today from your hotel in Brazza, let us know what time you would like to bee picked up and we can work with your schedule. Today involves guided tours to the city's famous monuments including; Nabemba Tower, St. Anne Basilica, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazzaville Memorial, and more historical sites. You'll head to the art market, the School of Painting, and check out an independent artist is known for his creation of contemporary pieces and traditional art. You will stop for lunch with a view of the Congo River before you head back to your hotel.DAY 2: Congo River Cruise: Today you will make your way to a pirogue (canoe). An experience in itself, this is a very common means of transportation on the Congo waterways. Today our experience on the pirogue will allow us to have a great look at Africa's most famous river view, Kinshasa. Here, you will see many ships, villages, farms, and local fisherman too as we make our way further up toward the islands and villages north of Brazzaville. We will make our way back to Brazzaville for lunch, at a great spot with views of Kinshasa and the River before transferring to your hotel. DAY 3: Brazzaville - Lesio Louna Natural Reserve: Today you will head from Brazza to Mah Village where you will have a chance to visit a gorilla, Sid at Abio. From Abio you will make you make your way to Ibibouckro to enjoy a picnic at Blue Lake before returning to Brazzaville.*** Important note on visiting Gorillas -To visit the gorillas, good health is a prerequisite. Infectious diseases can be transmitted from humans to gorillas and be fatal for them. If you have a cold, flu, diarrhea, etc. you will not be allowed to visit the Gorilla. DAY 4: Bela Falls: After breakfast this morning you will leave Brazzaville and make your way Louingui to see Bela Falls. Today you will enjoy a picnic around the falls and visit Boko Village. We will head back to Brazzaville this afternoon for dinner and overnight.DAY 5: Airport Transfer: Today you will be transferred from your hotel/accommodation in Brazzaville to the airport for your flight home.

$4373.99 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Odzala-Kokoua National Park Adventure Eco-Tourism Program 2017-18

Day 1:Overland to Odzala: This morning we will meet at Saphir Hotel in the courtyard at 5:30am and depart to Coach Station at 6:30am. Overland trip to Etoumbi (pack a lunch), and overnight at Etoumbi Lodge. Dinner available at Etoumbi Lodge.Day 2:Animal Viewing : This morning you'll be picked up by park land cruiser at Etoumbi and transfer to Mbomo Lodge. Introductions to the park by the rangers and researchers at breakfast, and drive to nearby wildlife corridors to view animals. Morning drive to salt lick and bai. Lunch/midday at leisure at Mbomo. Afternoon game drive deep into Odzala to see large mammals (elephants, water buffalo, forest hogs, sitatungas, and more.) After dusk we'll return to Mbomo Lodge. Dinner available at Mbomo Lodge.Day 3:Gorillas Viewing: Morning drive to Gorilla and primate tracking (Chimpanzees also live here) NOTE: This may be swapped with previous morning depending on the gorillas’ location. Midday lunch break at leisure at Mbomo. Afternoon drive into the forest to watch for animals and find other large mammal species and possibly wild gorillas, return to watch the habituated gorilla groups at the site again late afternoon. Return to Mbomo for the evening. Dinner available at Mbomo Lodge.Day 4:Boat Safari: All day boat and river safari to watch for river and aquatic life and birds. A packed lunch from the park is suggested today (available for cheap). Afternoon watches for wildlife from the river and continue your journey on the pirogue (dugout canoe). Return to Mbomo Lodge for overnight. Dinner available at Mbomo Lodge.Day 5:Wild Walks:Morning walk to watch for birds and canopy wildlife. Then, return to camp and at leisure to Mbomo for lunch. Afternoon and night final game walk with an expert for more nocturnal species. Dinner available at Mbomo Lodge.Day 6:Final Day Game Drives and Gorillas: Final drive will be this morning around Odzala to visit the gorillas a last time, as well as some highlights depending on the season. Return to camp and at leisure to Mbomo for lunch. This afternoon, we'll return to Etoumbi for sign-out and to check into the Etoumbi Lodge.Day 7:Brazza: This morning we catch a coach to Brazzaville (bring a packed lunch.) We will reach Brazzaville in late afternoon/evening and taxi transfer to the drop point with our guide. NOTE: If the bus is delayed a day, we will spend an additional day at Etoumbi and explore the area around the Gabon border today with guide, visit villages, and talk to the forest rangers.  Dropoff at Hotel Saphir (end of trip) and you're free to make your own onwards travel arrangements the following day.END OF SERVICES

$11125 Cultural & Theme Tours

Odzala-Kokoua Park Discovery Camps- CCC Lango- Ngaga - Mboko Luxury Safari Camps

Itinerary: Day 1 | Thursday• Airport assistance at Maya Maya• Odzala Charter Flight: departs Brazzaville at 1pm, arrives Odzala at 3pm • Schedule charter (Let L-410) flight to Odzala (2 hours), landing strip Mboko airstrip• Road transfer from airstrip to Ngaga Camp (about 2½ hour drive through the Odzala-Kokoua National Park)• Meet the gorilla research team followed by dinner• Overnight Ngaga Camp in a luxury en-suite forest roomDay 2 | Friday• Gorilla trek in the morning• Lunch at Ngaga camp • Afternoon relax followed by a forest walk for bird watching and discovery of forest life and river sundowners• Overnight Ngaga Camp in a luxury en-suite forest room Day 3 | Saturday• Gorilla trek in the morning• Lunch at Ngaga camp• Afternoon time with the gorilla research team, forest walk and a night walk to view nocturnal forest life• Overnight Ngaga Camp in a luxury en-suite forest roomDay 4 | Sunday• Relaxed morning in camp (optional 3rd gorilla trek at additional cost)• Road transfer through Mbomo village (Sunday village life) and the Odzala-Kokoua National Park• Arrive at Mboko Camp for lunch followed by late afternoon river cruise and sundowners• Overnight Mboko Camp in an en-suite river roomDay 5 | Monday• Guided morning kayak on the Lekoli River followed by walk upstream to the Lango bai• Lunch at Lango Camp• Afternoon relax followed by forest walk or time to take a dip in the Lango bai• Overnight Lango Camp in a luxury en-suite forest roomDay 6 | Tuesday• Guided morning adventure walk• Lunch at Lango Camp• Afternoon relax followed by forest and bai walk or bird watching from the camp deck• Evening camera trap presentation – what has been around camouflaged in the forest?• Overnight Lango Camp in a luxury en-suite forest roomDay 7 | Wednesday• Guided morning walk to bird hide to watch the African grey parrots in the bai• Game drive transfer followed by raised wooden path walk through swamp• Lunch at Mboko Camp• Afternoon river cruise on the Lekoli River or adventure walk in the Likeni River• Overnight Mboko Camp in an en-suite river room Day 8 | Thursday• Breakfast at Mboko Camp• Odzala Charter Flight: departs Odzala at 9am, arrives Brazzaville at 11am• Connect with onward flight or stay in BrazzavilleEnd of services.*** It is recommended to book this tour at least 4 weeks in advance to secure your spot.