Jardín Botánico del Pacífico


A 170-hectare nature reserve running alongside the Río Mecana made up of mangroves, virgin tropical forest and a botanical garden of native plants and trees. Its staff includes members of the local Emberá indigenous tribe who can take you on fantastic treks through the property. They can also take you on boat rides up the river and organize whale-watching excursions. There is great bird-watching right by the lodge.

If you want to stick around a while, there are simple but functional rooms available in the main lodge. They are not particularly spacious but there is a lovely wide deck and you didn't come all this way to be cooped up inside! There is also a more secluded and luxurious private cabaña surrounded by nature further along the beach.

It is possible to walk here from Bahía Solano but you must leave at or before low tide (mareada baja). It's an hour's walk each way. Alternatively call for a boat to pick you up (COP$60,000).

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