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Established during the Southern Song dynasty, Nánxún (南浔) rose to prominence in the Ming and Qing dynasties, when it became a key trading point along the grand canal from Běijīng to Hángzhōu. Merchants made fortunes in silk and translated it into decadent homes. It's now a sprawling city, on the border with Jiāngsū province, but the old town within it is well preserved. Like other towns on the water, Nánxún has... Read More

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Private Day Tour To Nanxun Water Village from Shanghai

After being picked up by your tour guide at your requested location, you expect to take a 2-hour ride by comfortable vehicle to reach the tour destination, Nanxun Water Village in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. When in the scenic area of Nanun, sightseeing begins at the Little Lotus Villa that is a compound of a big lotus pond, ancestral halls, memorial archways and man-made landscapes. In the late Qing Dynasty, the villa belonged to the Liu's family, the most eminent family in Nanxun. Then we walk next door to see the Jiaye Library, one of the largest private libraries at the time in the whole country. Next, we move on to stroll along the main canal on the way to the Hundred-Room Residence. During the walk for about 30 minutes, you will see old dwelling houses, shops selling various local specialty products and crafts such as the famous Huzhou-made writing brushes, and taverns with local delicacies. Actually, you can stop to have a nice lunch break at a table right beside the canal in a time-honored restaurant, as your stomach might be ready for it. In the afternoon, you will continue walking. Before reaching the Hundred-Room Residence, you will see several ancient stone arch bridges and a local food market. Now, the picturesque Hundred Room Residence starts to be unveiled in front of you. The roll houses seemingly extending on end form enchanting black and white pictures with their reflections along with willows as shades. Next, you can opt for a gondola boat ride or just walk back to the entrance area. Before leaving, you won't miss the Old Mansion of Zhangshiming featuring Chinese traditional houses with also strong European influence.Finally, you will take the journey home to where you got picked up if you don't special request.

$420 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Tour: Nanxun Ancient Water Town Day Trip from Shanghai

Start your day with a pickup from your Shanghai hotel at approximately 8:30am and begin the 1.5-hour drive to Nanxun. Your private guide and driver will ensure you are comfortable while en route. Nanxun shares the typical features of other water towns in the Yangtze River Delta, including arched bridges, canals, narrow lanes and old houses. However, what makes it stand out is its intriguing mix of traditional Chinese architecture and European elements, introduced by affluent silk merchants who once settled their homes there. Nanxun is still a haven of peace and quiet, compared to some other famous ancient towns crowded by tourists. Take a stroll around the town and listen to your guide’s narration of its history and stories. Take a gondola ride and drift through the winding waterways, which will be an experience unlike any others. After your gondola ride, enjoy lunch at a local restaurant, suggested by your guide. Once you have finished your meal, your guide will spend more time showing you around Nanxun. Transfer back to your Shanghai accommodations at the end of your tour for a 5:00pm arrival at your Shanghai hotel.