Xīngchéng Beach

Beach in Xīngchéng

Xīngchéng’s beach is pretty enough, with OK sands and calm waters, neat paths, a small park, pagoda over the water, and a boardwalk in some parts.

Bus 1 (¥1) travels from the bus station through Xinghai Lu to the beach (9km from the city centre) in about 30 minutes. A taxi to the area costs ¥15 to ¥20.

At the entrance, look for a statue honouring Juhua Nü (the Chrysanthemum Woman). According to local legend, she changed herself into an island to protect Xīngchéng from a sea dragon. This island, Júhuā Island (菊花岛; Chrysanthemum Island), lies 9km off the coast and is home to a fishing community, a small beach and a couple of temples. Daily ferries leave from the northern end of the beach, though frequency drops outside summer.

In colder weather the beach area is an icy ghost town and it can be difficult to even find a place to eat.