Kite Museum

Museum in Wéifāng

As you'd expect, this museum tells the story of kites – from the first one, a bamboo magpie fashioned 2400 years ago in Wéifāng by Lu Ban (he's the winged figure in front of the museum), to their use in warfare, meteorology, hunting, cartography and eventually the study of electricity. Kites of various styles, including some of the smallest and largest in the world, constructed by mostly master makers, are also on display.

At the height of the Cultural Revolution, those who carried on the tradition had to learn in secret.

To get here from the train station, take bus 2 (¥1) to Kite Sq (风筝广场; Fēngzheng Guǎngchǎng) stop or a taxi (¥8). From the bus station, take a taxi (¥8).