Deyang College


The smallest of Drepung’s colleges, this one can safely be missed if you’ve had enough. The principal image in the main hall is Jampa. Upstairs are some fine puppet-like standing protector deities.

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1. Lamba Mitsang

0.03 MILES

This small and little-visited college is worth brief exploration if you want to get off the beaten path.

2. Drepung Monastery

0.03 MILES

Along with Sera and Ganden Monasteries, Drepung functioned as one of the three 'pillars of the Tibetan state', and it was purportedly the largest…

3. Jurche Mitsang

0.05 MILES

This small and little-visited college was once home to students from Inner Mongolia and is worth a brief look.

4. Gomang College

0.05 MILES

Gomang is the second-largest of Drepung’s colleges. The main hall has a whole row of images, including those of Jampa, Tsepame and the seventh Dalai Lama…

5. Loseling College

0.05 MILES

Loseling is the largest of Drepung’s colleges, and studies here were devoted to logic. If you have time, pop into the small debating courtyard west of the…

6. Lubum Kangtsang

0.05 MILES

This small and little-visited college is one of several used as a monastic residence and monks welcome visitors.

8. Main Assembly Hall


The main assembly hall, or Tsogchen, is the principal structure in the Drepung complex and is the one chapel you must not miss. The hall is reached…