Ningwu Ice Cave


Also known as Wannian Ice Cave (literally, 'Million-year Ice Cave'), this naturally occurring ice cave 2300m above sea level in Luya Mountain is 50km west of downtown Ningwu. The cave was formed 3 million years ago, during the Quaternary Period of glaciation. Inside, no matter the time of year, you're surrounded by stalactites and ice walls, that have been illuminated for visual impact.

The cave is not very big – it takes about 30 minutes to see everything unless there's a tour group in front of you, blocking the narrow walkway. Note that on public holidays, particularly the 1st May Labour Day holiday, the line can be long, with waits of up to three hours.

The ice cave is inside the large Luyashan Scenic Area in the town of Dongzhai (东寨). A taxi from Dongzhai to the cave (23km) is ¥120.

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