Mèngjiāng Nǚ Temple

Temple in Shānhǎiguān

A well-known Song Ming reconstruction, this temple is dedicated to Lady Meng. Based on a famous Chinese folk tale, Meng Jiang’s husband was press-ganged into wall-building because his views conflicted with those of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. When winter came, Meng set off to take her husband Wan warm clothing, only to discover that he had died from the hard labour. Meng wandered the Great Wall, thinking only of finding Wan’s bones to give him a decent burial.

The Wall, ever a sensitive soul, was so upset that part of it collapsed, revealing the skeleton entombed within. Overcome with grief, Meng hurled herself into the sea from a boulder.

The temple is 6km east of Shānhǎiguān. A taxi here should cost around ¥50 return.