Holy Trinity Church

The Bund & People's Square

Dating back to 1869, this was an important church for the British during the days of colonial Shanghai (and featured in JG Ballad's Empire of the Sun). The beautiful rose-coloured brick building has recently been restored to its former splendor, but is not open to the public.

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1. PearlLam Galleries

0.12 MILES

The Shanghai branch of this Hong Kong contemporary gallery is set within an old bank building dating from 1936. With a mix of Chinese and international…

2. Custom House


The neoclassical Custom House, established at this site in 1857 and rebuilt in 1927, is one of the most important buildings on the Bund. Capping it is Big…

3. Hongkong & Shanghai Bank Building

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Adjacent to the Custom House, the Hongkong & Shanghai Bank Building was constructed in 1923. The bank was first established in Hong Kong in 1864 and in…

4. Bank of Communications Building

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5. North China Daily News Building

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6. East Nanjing Road

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Linking the Bund with People’s Square is East Nanjing Rd, once known as Nanking Rd. The first department stores in China opened here in the 1920s, when…

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This intriguing little museum, in essence a long room stuffed with period objects and photos relating to the colourful history of the Peace Hotel, is an…

8. The Bund

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Symbolic of concession-era Shanghai, the Bund was the city’s Wall Street, a place of feverish trading and fortunes made and lost. Originally a towpath for…