Lake in Rawok

Ringed by mountains all around, the two largest of the three connected Rawok lakes are joined by a stream that on the map resembles an infinity symbol. Rawok Lower Lake (然乌下湖, Ránwū Xiàhú) is the first you'll encounter if you approach from Bāyī. Long stretches of sandy beach here call for a leisurely lakeside stroll, while past the town centre Rawok Middle Lake (然乌中湖, Ránwū Zhōnghú) and the craggy hills along the shore call more to climbers and photographers.

Further on, Rawok Upper Lake (然乌上湖, Ránwū Shànghú) is the smallest of the three and consequently sees the fewest visitors. It's a peaceful stop if you've got spare time, but easily the most skippable of the three lakes.