Village in Nanning

A former market town on the Yōng River (邕江; Yōng Jiāng), Yángměi was founded a millennium ago and flourished in the 17th century, earning the nickname 'Little Nánníng'.

Spend a couple of hours wandering the cobbled streets, munching on fried fish (from ¥2), steamed rice rolls (¥4) and local starfruit (¥5 a catty) as you walk. The pace is slow and you’re free to peep into the musty Ming and Qing dynasty homes.

Most of Yángměi's early inhabitants were migrants from Shāndōng, with a small percentage from Guǎngdōng. Hybridity is reflected in its buildings, which feature both the sturdy solemnity of Shāndōng vernacular architecture, and the penchant for embellishment of the softer southern style.

Buses for Yángměi leave from West Bus Station (南宁市货运西站; Nánníngshì Huóyùn Xīzhàn) near the corner of Daxue Lu (大学路) and Luban Lu (鲁班路) in the northeast of town. Take bus 604 from Minsheng Guangchang (民生广场); buses 4, 10, 24, 33, 34, 35 and 46 also pass by. Departures and returns are from 8.40am to 6pm (¥17, two hours, every 50 minutes). The last bus back from Yángměi leaves at 4pm, but gets packed so arrive early for a seat.