Luobiao Hanging Coffins


There are hanging coffins found in other parts of China, but there are more in Luobiao than anywhere else and they are reasonably accessible. At one time there were more than 300 hanging coffins, although a third or more have fallen to the ground as their support stakes have rotted away over the past 600 years.

There’s a small, free museum just inside the site entrance with old photos, burial artifacts and a coffin complete with a skeleton (leave a small monetary donation at the coffin as locals do). About 100m further is a large cluster of coffins on the cliff. Steps lead up to a better vantage point and a huge cave. About 2km further is another grouping right by the road, though there are many others to be spotted in the surrounding cliffs. While these other groupings aren't as impressive as the first batch the scenery is very pretty and the walk to them is a joy. The area is at its most photogenic first thing in the morning as the sun rises opposite the cliffs, so consider arriving the evening before and staying the night.

To get to the coffin site, turn left out of the small Luobiao bus station and walk (45 minutes); take the right fork at the black stele dedicated to Bo (心花园). Or you can catch a motorcycle taxi (¥30) to the entrance.