Sleepy Wudong doesn't get many visitors, due mostly to its remote location in a valley in Leigong Mountain rather than any lack of appeal – it's actually an extraordinarily pretty place. Founded 400 years ago by families fleeing nearby war, the village retains its traditional wooden buildings as well as a 200-year-old water mill, the oldest in the county. The village is at an elevation of 1300m above sea level so you might feel the effects of the altitude here.

While some effort has been made to open the village to tourism (it has English language signs, including a helpful map of nearby walking trails, while local guides can arrange homestays here), you're more likely to bump into an elderly local than another traveller.

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1. Jinquanhu Park

17.92 MILES

Known as the site of the Dongs' ceremonial drum tower, this park gets lively at festival time.