Henan Museum


Closed for renovations (at the time of writing, estimated to last until mid-2020), only the highlights are currently on display in a side building. Take your passport as ID for admission. The museum is around 2km north of Jinshui Lu; a taxi there will cost about ¥20.

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Nearby Henan attractions

1. Chenghuang Temple

2.63 MILES

The 600-year-old City God temple bustles with worshippers who leave its trees festooned with red ribbons and its entrances swirling with incense smoke.

2. Confucius Temple

2.91 MILES

Although replete with colourfully painted eaves, there is little to see at this restored temple. Take bus 60 or 85 from the train station.

3. Shang City Walls

3.04 MILES

Zhengzhou's eastern outskirts are marked by long, high mounds of earth, the remains of the old city walls. You can climb up to explore.