Jiming Mountain


Dominating the skyline to the northwest of the town, Jimingyi's namesake mountain means Cock's Crow Mountain, and is topped by the largest and oldest temple in the area, the Temple of Eternal Tranquillity (永宁寺, Yǒngníng Sì). It's still an active monastery and a large and lively festival is held here on the 15th day of the fourth lunar month (usually April or May).

It's a wonderful climb to the top – the views are outstanding – but the approach road is round the back of the mountain, on the Xia Huayuan (下花园, Xià Huāyuán) side, making it a long hike from Jimingyi. Expect to take at least three hours to summit it from the walled town. Alternatively, take a taxi (¥20 to ¥30) to a point roughly halfway up the mountain (which is as far as cars can go), then walk the last bit (about 45 minutes).