Lǎohēi Shān

Top choice volcano in Wǔdàlián Chí

This huge area is a fascinating mix of hardened lava fields, a crater, a lake and austere white trees. It's mostly easy walking with the exception of the mainly uphill 1km stair climb to the summit of Lǎohēi Shān itself, one of the area’s 14 volcanoes. Do a circuit of the windy crater lip for panoramic views of the lakes and other volcanoes dotting the landscape.

Taxis drop you at the ticket booth, from where park shuttle buses take you to a large car park. To the left is the trail up the mountain. Returning down the same path, this time take the right path from the drop off, along a boardwalk to the aptly named Shí Hǎi (石海; Stone Sea), a magnificent lava field.

Back in the car park smaller green shuttle buses take you to Huǒshāo Shān (火烧山) and the end of the road at another collection of weirdly shaped lava stones. This stretch is one of Wǔdàlián Chí’s most enchanting, with lava-rock rivers, birch forests, grassy fields, ponds around Third Lake and more wide stretches of lava fields.

There are only two (expensive) shops, so bring water and snacks.