Robinson Crusoe Island in Juan Fernandez National Park, Chile.

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Parque Nacional Archipiélago Juan Fernández

Middle Chile

This national park covers the entire archipelago, a total of 93 sq km, though the township of San Juan Bautista and the airstrip are de-facto exclusions. In an effort to control access to the most fragile areas of the park, Conaf requires many of the longer hikes to be organized and led by local registered guides.

A list of guides is posted at the kiosk near the plaza, where you should register before taking any self-guided hike. Day hikes for a group of five people cost CH$25,000 to CH$50,000. Still, a number of areas are accessible without guides. Another way to see the park is by boat. Local tour operators can arrange trips to see fur seal colonies at different points around the island. Camping is possible only in organized campsites, each with a two-night limit.

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