Mercado La Recova

La Serena

La Serena's most vibrant market offers a jumble of dried fruits, rain sticks and artisan jewelry, plus a wide range of Andean wool clothing and crafts. It's a handy spot for gift ideas.

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Nearby La Serena attractions

1. Museo Arqueológico

0.13 MILES

Inside a crescent-shaped building with a leafy patio, this museum makes an ambitious attempt to corral Chile's pre-Columbian past. Its highlights include…

3. Patio Colonial

0.22 MILES

Tucked off Balmaceda, this small, picturesque lane is dotted with shops and eateries. The patio in back feels like a secret getaway from the city-center…

4. Municipalidad

0.28 MILES

Pop your head inside to check out photos of the city's past.

5. Tribunales

0.28 MILES

Tribunales was built as a result of González Videla’s Plan Serena.

6. Iglesia San Francisco

0.29 MILES

The granddaddy of all La Serena's churches is a colonial marvel, two blocks southeast of the plaza and built in the early 1600s. It's a stone construction…

7. Iglesia Catedral

0.29 MILES

The handsome neoclassical Iglesia Catedral dates from 1844; it also has a sobering museum of religious art.

8. Plaza de Armas

0.34 MILES

The heart of the colonial center is the palm-filled Plaza de Armas. The picturesque square makes a fine place for a stroll with a bit of people-watching…