Iglesia Santo Domingo

La Serena

The dainty-looking bell tower of Iglesia Santo Domingo looks as though it should have a twirling ballerina inside. The tower is a later addition, only a century old, though the attractive limestone church dates to 1755.

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2. Jardín del Corazón


With its trickling brooks, drifting swans and neatly manicured rock gardens, this Japanese garden makes an idyllic escape from the city bustle. Don't miss…

3. Plaza de Armas

0.13 MILES

The heart of the colonial center is the palm-filled Plaza de Armas. The picturesque square makes a fine place for a stroll with a bit of people-watching…

4. Iglesia Catedral

0.18 MILES

The handsome neoclassical Iglesia Catedral dates from 1844; it also has a sobering museum of religious art.

5. Tribunales

0.19 MILES

Tribunales was built as a result of González Videla’s Plan Serena.

6. Municipalidad

0.19 MILES

Pop your head inside to check out photos of the city's past.

7. Patio Colonial

0.25 MILES

Tucked off Balmaceda, this small, picturesque lane is dotted with shops and eateries. The patio in back feels like a secret getaway from the city-center…

8. Iglesia San Francisco

0.26 MILES

The granddaddy of all La Serena's churches is a colonial marvel, two blocks southeast of the plaza and built in the early 1600s. It's a stone construction…