Officers' Square

New Brunswick

Once the military parade ground, the Garrison District's Officers' Sq now hosts a full-uniform changing-of-the-guard ceremony in summertime. The Calithumpians Outdoor Summer Theatre also performs daily at 12:15pm weekdays and 2pm weekends; the free historical skits are laced with humor. Summer evenings bring jazz, Celtic, rock concerts and outdoor movies. Visitor chairs are available to borrow. See the website for schedules.

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1. Fredericton Region Museum

0.06 MILES

What this museum lacks in gloss, it makes up for in care and some serious creativity. Housed in the 19th-century officers' quarters on the western side of…

2. New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame


Housed in the 19th-century customs office, this museum and gallery celebrates the province's star teams and athletic achievements. Learn about local…

3. Barracks Square


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6. Old Loyalist Burial Ground

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This magnificent sandstone palace was erected for the British governor in 1826. The representative of the queen moved out in 1893 after the province…