Naikoon Provincial Park

Haida Gwaii

Much of the island's northeastern side is devoted to the beautiful 726-sq-km Naikoon Provincial Park, which combines sand dunes and low sphagnum bogs, surrounded by stunted and gnarled lodgepole pine, and red and yellow cedar. The starkly beautiful beaches on the north coast feature strong winds, pounding surf and flotsam from across the Pacific. They can be reached via the stunning 26km-long Tow Hill Rd, east of Masset.

Wooden steps and a boardwalk make visiting the Tow Hill Lookout and Blow Hole near the end of Tow Hill Rd easy. Allow about one hour for a looping walk with many steps. A 21km loop trail traverses a good bit of the park to/from Fife Beach at the end of the road. The park has campsites ($18).

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