Koh Sampovmeas

Northwestern Cambodia

This bizarre island-park, built in the shape of a ship, is Pursat's place to see and be seen around sunset. Young locals drop by for aerobics (classes from 5pm) or a game of badminton, while power-walkers pound the circuit between the manicured lawns and Khmer-style pavilions.

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1. Cham Mosque

0.18 MILES

Many of Pursat's Cham community live near this small local mosque.

2. Khmer Rouge–Era Dam

0.27 MILES

This dam, built during the Khmer Rouge era, is now a popular local fishing and bathing spot.

3. Bunrany Hun Sen Development Center

0.73 MILES

This centre, named after the Prime Minister's wife, teaches cloth and mat weaving, sewing, marble carving and other artisanal skills to young people, and…