Igreja de São Sebastião

Ilha Grande & Vila do Abraão

Just in from the boat docks and picturesquely framed by the parrot-shaped form of Pico do Papagaio, Abraão's village church is an Ilha Grande icon, right in the heart of town.

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Nearby Ilha Grande & Vila do Abraão attractions

1. Assembléia de Deus

0.24 MILES

This church makes a convenient landmark when navigating Abraão's backstreets.

2. Dois Rios

3.01 MILES

From Abraão, a signposted 6km dirt road leads to this picturesque beach where two separate rivers flow into the open Atlantic. Dois Rios served as the…

3. Praia Lopes Mendes

3.22 MILES

Facing the Atlantic, this seemingly endless beach with good surfing waves (shortboard/longboard rentals available on-site) is considered by some the most…

4. Museu do Cárcere

3.33 MILES

Dois Rios served as the site of the Colônia Penal Cândido Mendes, Ilha Grande’s last functioning prison, which held political prisoners during the…