Museu do Diamante

Minas Gerais

Between Praça JK and the cathedral is the house of Padre Rolim, one of the Inconfidentes. It’s now the Museu do Diamante, exhibiting religious art, old photos, furniture, weapons, and other relics of the diamond days.

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1. Santo Antônio Cathedral

0.03 MILES

Built in colonial style between 1930 and 1940 on the site of a much older church, Diamantina's cathedral dominates the historic center.

3. Mercado Municipal


Built by the army in 1835, this public market is a popular community gathering place on Friday evening, when vendors set up stalls selling typical mineiro…

4. Igreja de NS do Carmo

0.14 MILES

Adorned with rich, golden carvings and a gilded organ made in Diamantina, this is the town’s most opulent church. Constructed between 1760 and 1765, its…

5. Casa de Juscelino Kubitschek

0.15 MILES

Casa de Juscelino Kubitschek, childhood home of the former president, is full of historical memorabilia that reflects his simple upbringing as the…

6. Casa da Chica da Silva

0.15 MILES

This fine colonial mansion was the home of diamond contractor João Fernandes de Oliveira and his longtime partner, the former slave Chica da Silva, whose…

7. Igreja de NS do Rosário dos Pretos

0.23 MILES

Downhill from the center you'll find Diamantina's oldest church, built by black slaves in 1731. Don't miss the tree out front with a cross embedded in its…

8. Casa da Glória

0.32 MILES

Connected by a vivid-blue 2nd-story passageway (built to obscure nuns from public view during the building's 102-year stint as an orphanage and school),…