Gonçalo Coelho's Marker Stone

Porto Seguro

Marks the spot where the Portuguese explorer seized this stretch of coastline from native people in the early 16th century.

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Nearby Porto Seguro attractions

1. Cidade Histórica

0.05 MILES

Motivation is required to climb the stairs to Porto Seguro's old town. Rewards include colorful historic buildings and sweeping views over the coastline…

3. Museu de Porto Seguro

0.08 MILES

Housed in the former Câmara Municipal (Town Council), the Museu de Porto Seguro contains exhibits on Brazil’s early settlement, with rooms dedicated to…

4. Memorial da Epopéia do Descobrimento

0.26 MILES

Down by the beach, just north of town, the Memorial da Epopéia do Descobrimento is a worthwhile stop. The park features a replica of the Portuguese ship…