Museu das Culturas Dom Bosco

Top choice in Mato Grosso & Mato Grosso do Sul

Built on the site of a Bororo burial ground, this superb museum is divided into two parts. One is a collection of over 10,000 insects and stuffed flora and fauna, while the other is a visually striking, unmissable introduction to the indigenous people of the Mato Grosso region, with subtly lit underfloor and suspended-glass displays showcasing shaman paraphernalia, weaponry, everyday tools, splendid adornments made of feathers and funerary objects. The enlarged black-and-white photos are almost equally striking.

Look out for Xavante coming-of-age ritual objects, elaborate clay figures illustrating the creation myth of the Karajá, gorgeous macaw feather headdresses of the Bororo and the rare funerary masks of the peoples from the Ulaupés River. Admission was discounted to R$5 on our last visit.

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