Três Cachoeiras

Rio de Janeiro State

This waterfall and its popular adjacent swimming hole are 2km west of downtown Penedo along the main road just before it starts climbing to Alto do Penedo.

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1. Cachoeira de Deus

0.94 MILES

This waterfall is about a 20-minute walk uphill from the bus turnaround in Alto do Penedo. Ask locally for directions, as signs are intermittent.

3. Centro de Visitantes

5.08 MILES

Revamped to celebrate Itatiaia's 80th anniversary in 2017, this visitors center, 5km uphill from the lower entrance, houses exhibits about the biology and…

4. Mirante Último Adeus

5.14 MILES

Accessible via a short flight of steps off the main road, about 2.5 miles above the lower park entrance, this viewpoint commands sweeping views of…

5. Véu de Noiva Waterfall

5.26 MILES

Reached by a 500m trail through the forest, a few kilometers up the road from park headquarters, this 40m-high waterfall tumbles down a cliff face into a…

6. Lago Azul


From park headquarters, a 500m trail descends to this natural pool in the Rio Campo Belo, a popular spot for swimming.

7. Cachoeira do Maromba

5.37 MILES

Just below the point where the lower park road dead-ends, Maromba's waters surge through a rocky gorge into a sun-dappled natural swimming hole.

8. Itaporani Waterfall

5.54 MILES

Accessible via a 750m trail a few kilometers up the road from park headquarters, this broad series of falls tumbles over rocky shelves into a deep emerald…