Parque Nacional da Serra do Cipó – Portaria Areias

Minas Gerais

The park's main entrance, south of Santana do Riacho, serves as the gateway to several hiking destinations. Two especially popular day trips are the 16km round trip from headquarters to the 70m waterfall called Cachoeira da Farofa, and the 24km round trip to Cânion da Bandeirinha, an 80m-deep gorge. Shorter hikes include the 4km round trip to the Mirante do Bem panoramic viewpoint and the family-friendly Circuito das Lagoas, which affords swimming opportunities at the confluence of the Rios Bocaina and Mascate.

Staff at the entrance can provide general information but unfortunately no trail maps – you'll have to content yourself with snapping photos of their lone info booklet.