Parque Histórico Santa Cruz la Vieja

Santa Cruz & Gran Chiquitania

A few kilometers outside town, this is the site of the original city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The only thing left behind of the old city is an abandoned guardhouse. It's 2.5km south of the main plaza.

Just beyond here is a statue of town founder Ñuflo de Chávez next to a reconstructed choza – a typical Chiquitano dwelling with the characteristic low doorway used for defensive purposes. Uphill from there you can hike to the Cataratas del Suton waterfall and a stunning viewpoint. It's easy to get lost though and a guide is recommended. Ask at the tourist office.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Santa Cruz & Gran Chiquitania attractions

1. Museum

1.49 MILES

Next to the church is a small museum with information about all 10 Jesuit missions in the area. The admission fee includes entrance to the church.

2. Jesuit Mission Church

1.53 MILES

San José has the only stone Jesuit mission church and merits a visit even if you miss all the others. Although the main altar is nearly identical to those…