Reserva Biosférica del Beni

Amazon Basin

Created by Conservation International in 1982 as a loosely protected natural area, this 334,200-hectare park was recognized by Unesco in 1986 as a ‘Man & the Biosphere Reserve,’ and received official recognition the following year through a pioneering debt swap agreement with the Bolivian government. The area is home to at least 500 bird species as well as more than 100 mammals and myriad reptiles, amphibians and insects.

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1. Laguna Normandia

14.87 MILES

This savanna lake, a 2km walk from El Porvenir, is the reserve’s most popular destination. The sight of one of the world’s largest populations of crawling…

2. Totaizal

15.53 MILES

A stone’s throw from the road and a 40-minute walk from El Porvenir is Totaizal. This friendly and well-organized village of 300 people is the closest to…