Desierto de Dalí


Where the route splits about 20km south of Sol de Mañana, the more scenic left fork climbs up and over a 5000m pass, then up a stark hillside dotted with enormous rocks, which appear to have been meticulously placed by the surrealist master Salvador Dalí.

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1. Termas de Polques

5.31 MILES

At the foot of Cerro Polques lies Termas de Polques, a small 29.4°C hot-spring pool, and an absolute paradise after the chilly salar nights. Although they…

2. Sol de Mañana

12.99 MILES

Most tour groups wake at dawn to visit the large geyser field dubbed Sol de Mañana. This 4850m-high geyser basin has bubbling mud pots, hellish fumaroles…

3. Laguna Verde

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The stunning blue-green Laguna Verde (4400m) is tucked into the southwestern corner of Bolivian territory, 52km south of Sol de Mañana. The incredible…

4. Termas de Puritama

24.65 MILES

These idyllic volcanic hot springs puddle together in a box canyon, about 30km northeast of San Pedro en route to El Tatio. Their temperature is about 33…

5. El Tatio Geysers

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El Tatio is ringed by volcanoes and fed by over 80 gurgling geysers and a hundred gassy fumaroles. Contrary to popular opinion it is not the world's…

6. Laguna Colorada

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Laguna Colorada is a rusty-burnt-orange-hued lake (4278m) that covers approximately 60 sq km and reaches a depth of just 80cm. The rich red coloration on…