Kukumba Beach

Belize District

If you are desperate for some beach time but you can't leave the Belize City area, this artificial beach is not a terrible option. It's a 350ft stretch of sand dotted with thatched-roof huts surrounding an artificial lagoon. A massive waterslide – also known as Slippery Conch – drops from a 50ft platform into the lagoon and there is also a giant rope swing and a couple of water trampolines.

The friendly beach bar serves three fruity cocktails for the price of two, though they contain barely any alcohol. There are also showers and changing facilities.

Back in the 1950s this plot of land was owned by an American grower and trader, who exported all kinds of vegetables (including cucumbers) to the US. This port was used to package and load the produce-laden boats, and thus earned the name Kukumba Beach.

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