This everyday mosque stands by the river, overlooking Kean Bridge.

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1. Kean Bridge

0.13 MILES

The more central of the two bridges spanning the Surma River, Kean Bridge hails from the British era and was repaired after being damaged by Pakistani…

2. Museum of the Rajas

0.46 MILES

This minuscule two-room museum located in the heart of Zinda Bazar was the former family home of mystic, poet and songwriter Dewan Hasan Raja Chowdhury …

3. Osmani Museum

0.56 MILES

This small, colonial-era house is dedicated to General Osmani, a key figure in the Liberation War. If you're really keen to visit, be warned that there's…

5. East Darga Gate

0.97 MILES

This main gate leads to the shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal from the east.

6. Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal

0.98 MILES

This fascinating and atmospheric shrine of the revered 14th-century Sufi saint Shah Jalal is one of Bangladesh's biggest pilgrimage sites. Housing a…

8. Mawsmai Cave

26.16 MILES

This 150m-long limestone cavern, with its low passages, is the most impressive of the area's easily accessible caves and very popular with domestic…