Tribal Bazar

Chittagong Hill Tracts

Bandarban has a small street market most days, but the place really throngs on Sunday and Wednesday when traders come in from across the district to buy and sell produce. Trading is conducted in Marma rather than Bengali, and it's quite unlike anything you'll see elsewhere in Bangladesh. Expect piles of gorgeous fruit and vegetables, sticky mounds of fish paste (a base for much local cooking), buckets of crabs, frogs and fish and lots of old women smoking hand-rolled cheroots.

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1. Bandarban Museum

0.21 MILES

This small museum offers some interesting insights into the traditional cultures of the Hill Tracts. There are displays of tribal dress, jewellery,…

2. Buddhist Temple

0.26 MILES

Small local Buddist temple. The hill opposite the temple has a small stupa on top.

7. Sadarghat

26.39 MILES

As in Dhaka, the city’s oldest area is the waterfront part called Sadarghat, and as in Dhaka, it’s a cacophony of sensual assaults. The early arrival of…