Mud Volcanoes


On top of utterly unpromising little Daşgil Hill is a weird collection of baby mud volcanoes, a whole family of ‘geologically flatulent’ little conical mounds that gurgle, ooze, spit and sometimes erupt with thick, cold, grey mud. It’s more entertaining than it sounds – even when activity is at a low ebb, you get the eerie feeling that the volcanoes are alive.

From Qobustan, the 10km unpaved direct route follows the west side of the rail tracks but is rough and dusty. Taxi drivers ask AZN15 to AZN20 return, with visiting time.

If driving it's longer but easier to take the main Qazax highway to Km 69 then turn right into Ələt. Take the first left where the sign says ‘Şpal Zavodu’ and right immediately after crossing the rail tracks. Follow this unpaved track for 3km, fork right then swing right again to a hilltop parking area. The last steep section can prove impossible to drive in wet conditions but is only 300m or so.

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