Graham Berry

Graham Berry

Los Angeles, USA

About Graham

From music festivals to museums and all over the great outdoors, I've been a full-time traveling freelance journalist for almost a decade. My writing has appeared in Billboard, UPROXX, DJ MAG, LA WEEKLY, SF WEEKLY, MIXMAG,  Beatport, V Magazine, Matador Network,, INSOMNIAC, Burning Man Journal, and many others. Usually, I focus on music, travel, or culture. 

"Adventure" is my religion. I'm a sucker for a waterfall and I've never met a hiking trail that didn't tempt me at least a little. Over the last few years I've been traveling in a van that I built out to look like wooden cabin on the inside. In it I've seen more than 30 National Parks, learned how to make the perfect avocado toast, and whenever times got tough I wrote my heart out to keep gas in the tank along the way. 

It's a wild life, but it's the one I built myself. 

And, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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