Beth Pipe

Beth Pipe

Grange-over-Sands, England

About Beth

Hi there! I'm Beth and I'm a nosey hiker - it's never enough for me to just visit somewhere, I need to dig around and be properly nosey - who built that building? Why is that bridge there? How did that road get built? You get my drift. I'm also on a mission to have fun outdoors - I'm not one for gnarly "pushed to the limits and I've only eaten 3 beans all week" type of adventures, I want to escape to the outdoors to have fun, adventures, and great experiences.

I have a passion for exploring places on foot because I think you unearth more hidden nooks and crannies that way. I live in Cumbria and get really excited about helping people to discover the whole of the county, as well as the magnificent Lake District National Park, and have, so far, written 12 books on the history, wildlife, gins, and beers of Cumbria and North Lancashire.

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