Dales Gorge

Top choice in Karijini National Park

From the Fortescue Falls car park, a trail descends steeply via a long staircase to stunning Fortescue Falls (the park's only permanent waterfall; about one hour return) and a photogenic swimming hole, behind which a leafy 300m stroll upstream reveals beautiful Fern Pool.

You can enjoy a 2km gorge-rim trail from the start of the Fortescue Falls track to Circular Pool lookout, with great views into Dales Gorge. The Circular Pool lookout is connected to Dales Campground by an easy walking trail.

For a lengthy, spectacular walk of an additional 1.5km (for more experienced bushwalkers), head 1km downstream from Fortescue Falls to picturesque Circular Pool along the gorge floor that's bursting with greenery, then ascend steeply to Three Ways Lookout and return to the car park along the gorge rim.

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