Eyre Peninsula & the West Coast

For a dose of hard-luck, weather-beaten atmosphere, take a drive out to Thevenard, Ceduna's photogenic port suburb on the peninsula south of town. Boarded-up shops, a pub with barred windows, dusty old iron-clad shacks…all loomed over by the massive silos next to the pier. If you're a painter or writer, this is fertile fuel for the imagination!

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Eyre Peninsula & the West Coast attractions

1. Ceduna School House Museum

2.08 MILES

This fine little museum in the back streets (a school house from 1914 to 1927) has pioneer exhibits, Indigenous artefacts, whale remnants and a display on…

2. Ceduna Arts & Culture Centre

2.31 MILES

This fortified, mural-clad bunker on the northern edge of town is actually a thriving arts centre, selling works by more than 130 Aboriginal artists from…